[lab_heading title_tag=”H1″ title=”Christian Knaebel.”]Consulting and Coaching – in the way that I see it – is a very personal matter. Hence, I share a little more about my personal background. Read on to learn who am I or contact me for a personal talk, so that I can also learn about you.[/lab_heading]

I was born in 1968 – maybe that explains that I am a bit of a rebel and hippie in my heart. Growing up in the country side of Southwest Germany and the foothills of the Black Forest Mountains instilled the love of nature and simple life in me. My family ran a carpenters shop since generation: that taught me to value honest, solid work and creating quality products. It also made me aware at an early age what integrity meant and the value of happy, loyal customers to a business.
Even though I was a country boy, my longing to see and explore the big wide world was an early trait in me, too. I loved travelling – even when it only meant a ride on the bike out in the woods. My learning years then brought me to the university at beautiful Lake Constance (Universität Konstanz) and after that to impressive Washington DC (Georgetown University). I finished my studies with a BA in Economics and a BSMA in International Management.
It followed almost 10 years of corporate life with all its milestones of an energetic, career-oriented, independent young men: More than 8 years I served in various positions with General Electric; first in their Medical Systems division and then with NBC. Again I was lucky to have been able to travel and live abroad thanks to my jobs. My last years in the corporate world were with Liberty Global and Vodafone Germany (then Kabel Deutschland).
In 2005 I decided it’s time to go solo and founded the consulting company and TV content agency Global Media Consult. I could learn what it means to run your own enterprise with all its up and downs, all risks and benefits included. And learning I did: had it all covered. The hard sides of being an entrepreneur and the successes.I also had the pleasure to work with many employees, clients and partners. To all of them I am deeply grateful for choosing me to be their partner in many exciting projects and ventures. We developed new markets together, launched entire businesses, restructured TV assets, created innovative products and grow from small to large together. It was a tremendous experience- and still is.
Now, in 2018 I am at a point to make another change in my career: not radical though, just a slight adjustment of my focus. While Global Media Consult is still there and flourishes, I wanted to bring my experience and ‘wisdom’ to a wider client base. By concentrating on certain aspects of consulting and mostly also by doing more coaching, I want to help clients to grow in their industry, role, situation and setting. I also want to be “more me” and not vanish behind a corporate brand.
As I consider this type of consulting and coaching a highly interpersonal approach, I felt it is important and only fair to offer these services under my name. It is now that I set sail with my clients to discover, explore venture in a bit of new territory – with tools, experience and know-how in the store that helps us to charter such a new course.
Come and be part of it!

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