Wether you need support around a small aggregation project or a large Television Channel launch, we can help you with almost any aspect around television development assignments.


You have a TV channel or content catalogue that you want to expose to a larger market? You need a team that manages your daily distribution activities? We can provide such services. We select the content partners very carefully for which we provide such services in order to deliver a bespoke solution and dedicate resources and focus on distribution activities. In that regard we can act as your distribution department and bring scale of effort to your activities by covering a region or entire global markets.

When you launch a TV service for your platform, you have the daunting task of developing the right strategy, select and package the proper content, manage the ongoing relationship and delivery of the products. You are not alone: we are experts in helping platforms to set up their TV product, to aggregate the content and to support the delivery and daily management of all content products. We can work on a selected aspect of your content packages or act as your outsourced content department – including the management of the day-to-day content operations.

The proliferation of distributions infrastructures both on a technology and geography level demand different market approaches. But more importantly, it allows niche, thematic and ethnic channels now to be made available to platforms and viewers around the world. Nevertheless, many content owners and TV channels struggle in finding the proper solution for their product. We can assist you in selecting such services; and even more: with our technology and service partners, we can manage the entire delivery, streaming and delivering process for your content. Building your own TV platform or streaming service is now in easy reach.

Launching a TV channel has never become easier than now: technology is widely available and affordable. And yet, so many new tv ventures fail within the first few month after launch. Do not make the mistake and assume the launch of a TV channel is easy, just because you have a great idea. The creation and launch of a TV channels is more than just having a concept. You need operational know-how and best practices to be successful. We can bring this to your project: Let us work with you on your business case, operational set-up and help you navigate each step from idea to launch to success. We can work as turn-key partner for your TV channel project or assist on selected aspects of your TV channel activity. We bring benchmark, knowledge, expertise and instinct to your project that only seasoned industry experts can bring along.